The Advinia approach to healthcare

Home from home

Our homes are located in peaceful residential streets and rural communities. Each home is individual with comfortable bedrooms and many have en suite facilities. Our homes meet safety standards and the special needs of older people. Residents are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms with items of their choice. There are quiet lounges and a dining area to enjoy meals and socialise. Our gardens are designed for safe strolling and fun with family.

Wholesome meals

Nutritious, tasty meals are important and our in-house kitchens provide a selection of fresh, wholesome meals prepared from locally sourced ingredients. Residents are consulted about their choice of food and any special dietary needs. There is always a selection of cakes, biscuits and fresh fruit for them and we ensure that birthdays are special.

Enjoy choices and fulfilment

We believe active fulfilled lives, promote good health and well-being. Every home offers a mix of weekly activities from entertainment to workshops and days out to social events. Participation is voluntary and families are encouraged to take part. To further enhance well-being we offer, hairdressing, chiropody services, reflexology and visits from clergy.

Close links in the community

We maintain close links with the local community and have social events where family and friends are invited. They are welcome to attend our resident meetings to put forward suggestions and air any concerns for we are always looking for ways to make living with us a positive, happy experience.