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Quick-thinking Advinia Heroes Save Choking Man’s Life

23 August 2022

Quick-thinking Advinia Heroes Save Choking Man’s Life

A Carlisle tourist’s life was saved this August when four managers from Advinia rushed to his rescue during a terrifying choking incident.

Angela Chorlton, Nicola Pender, Suzanne Ashton and Samantha Wilson-Holms – who are Learning & Development Managers – were at a breakfast meeting at the Border Gate Beefeater when the drama unfolded.

They leapt into action when a diner at the next table started choking on a piece of fruit that had become lodged in his windpipe.

With all four women well-versed in basic life support training, they used a range of strategies to help before dislodging the fruit using an abdominal thrust.

Head of Learning & Development Karen Earrye said their quick reaction and calm demeanour prevented a tragedy from happening.

Karen said: “I’m incredibly proud of the team, and they should be very proud of themselves.

“Not only did they use the training they’ve received to save a life, but they are delivering that training across all Advinia Care Homes so that other Colleagues can do the same.

“Basic life support training is vitally important, and it’s great to know what we teach is effective in the real world.

“A man is alive today because of that training – and many other lives could be saved thanks to the sessions we deliver across the country.”

Following the dramatic incident, the man and his wife thanked the Advinia team for their help.

The staff at the Broad Gate Beefeater were also extremely grateful and bought a box of Heroes chocolates and a card to say thank you.

Advinia CEO Mark Cash praised Angela, Nicola, Suzanne, and Samantha for their actions.

Mark said: “I’m so proud of this team – their expertise and experience were put to potentially life-saving effect.

“Every day, they deliver training across our organisation that gives our people the skills to make a difference in people’s lives.

“Here’s positive proof that all their hard work is vital in both our Care Homes and local communities.”