Advinia’s Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)         

(updated 31/3/2021)

Our Homes are open and we are committed to maintaining our extra precautionary infection control protocols so that we can continue to offer safe care, a safe welcome to new Residents and safe visits for family and friends.

We also want to maintain communication regarding our ongoing response and so this page includes details on the following:

  • Our Vaccination status
  • An update on our Social Visits Policy
  • Resident wellbeing
  • What we are doing to make sure Residents and work Colleagues continue to remain as safe as possible

Our Vaccination Status

All Residents of Advinia Care Homes have been offered vaccinations as part of the NHS vaccination programme, with an over 95% take-up. All Advinia Colleagues have also been offered vaccinations for COVID-19 as social care workers, again with high take-up levels.

Safe social visits for nominated individuals are now permitted within our Homes, in accordance with national Governments’ guidelines, and where our dynamic risk assessments and mitigation steps mean visits can be made as safely as possible. In many Homes we have installed new COVI-secure visiting ‘pods’ and in other Homes we have repurposed existing areas to create separate and secure visiting spaces.

We continually monitor and review the latest national Governments’ advice and liaise with local authorities and Public Health bodies and assess the safety of these visits on a regular basis.

We are appropriately prepared to respond to changing guidance in the light of local lockdown enforcements and advice from the relevant Public Heath bodies. The health and wellbeing of Residents will always be our number one priority and we will not hesitate to take necessary action to maintain their safety.

We understand that when circumstances change at short notice this can be very disruptive for Residents and their families and Home Managers will endeavour to communicate any changes as quickly as possible.

Our Social Visits Policy will continue to be regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure we are always in line with the latest national guidance. 

Resident Wellbeing

We would like to thank all Residents, their families and friends for their support over the past year. We fully appreciate how difficult it is to have limited contact with loved ones and our work Colleagues are doing everything possible to maintain Resident wellbeing and to ensure there is always a sense of community within our Homes.

We are delighted that safe visits are now possible within our Homes for nominated individuals, but we will of course continue to facilitate Google Meet video calls to help Residents stay in touch with their wider family and friends. We are also using our social media pages more extensively, so that families are able to see what loved ones are doing on a more regular basis.

We are also working hard to ensure that all our Homes continue with a varied activities programme that considers all areas of wellbeing, is tailored to personal preferences and helps maintain a high quality of life for all Residents.

What We Are Doing to Make Sure Residents and Work Colleagues Continue to Remain as Safe as Possible

We rigorously follow both national and local Public Health / Health Protection guidelines and are in regular contact with all the local Public Health teams so that we stay abreast of all policy developments. All Advinia Care Homes have a well thought out and detailed Contingency Plan and they are supported by Advinia right the way to the top of the company. A Senior Response Team (SRT) has been established which meets regularly and supports all Homes, as needed. This team ensures that all the appropriate policies, procedures, resources and equipment are in place to provide the best possible care for Residents.

In addition to frequent testing for Residents and Colleagues, we are continuing to check  temperatures and to look for recognised symptoms of COVID-19 so that we can safeguard the health of everyone who lives and works in our Homes. We also continue to follow enhanced infection control and prevention policies, and our team remain alert to the threat of COVID-19 at all times.

Want More Information?

If you have any other questions regarding Advinia Care Homes’ admissions or visitation policies, please contact your local Care Home. All contact details can be found on the website.

For the latest information on COVID-19 and national guidance please go to the following websites: