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Alma Barn Lodge Welcomes New Feathered Residents

3 April 2024

Alma Barn Lodge has embraced the arrival of eight fluffy chicks, marking a delightful addition to the community. The journey began on Tuesday, March 26th, with the delivery of hatchling eggs courtesy of Incredible Eggs, a moment eagerly anticipated by residents and staff alike.

By the following morning, the lodge was abuzz with excitement as two chicks had already hatched, with a third making its debut in the afternoon. Overnight, the remaining eggs hatched, bringing the total to seven adorable chicks. While one egg unfortunately didn’t hatch, the arrival of the seven fluffy newcomers sparked joy and fascination among everyone at the home.

Residents gathered around to witness the miracle of life, reminiscing about their own experiences with chickens. Judy, a resident with fond memories of collecting eggs with her father, found herself transported back to her childhood as she watched the chicks hatch.

Since their arrival, the chicks have captured the hearts of everyone at Alma Barn Lodge. Residents have eagerly taken on responsibilities, from ensuring the heater light is on to topping up the food tray and checking the water. Cleaning the cage has become a communal effort, with residents taking the opportunity to cuddle the chicks and provide comfort in their own unique way.

One thoughtful resident even dims the lights in the corridor at night to ensure the chicks have a peaceful sleep. Their presence has not only added to the Easter celebrations but also brought a sense of wonder and magic as everyone marvels at the marvels of Mother Nature.

As the chicks quickly adapt to their surroundings, residents are amazed by how swiftly they learn to feed and drink independently.