Arncliffe Court Residents Love Labradoodle Poppy!

3 March 2022

Arncliffe Court Residents Love Labradoodle Poppy!

Poppy the Labradoodle has inspired happy memories for pet-loving Residents at Arncliffe Court.

Her owner Meg accompanies Poppy on visits to the Home, where she wins the hearts of everyone who meets her.

Poppy, who is 12 years old, has a calm and friendly nature, which the Residents love.

Arncliffe Court’s Senior Activities Co-ordinator Daisy Little said her visits also remind them of the much-loved pets they’ve had over the years.

Daisy said: “Poppy is a wonderful visitor, and it’s lovely to see how much the Residents enjoy her company.

“As an older dog, she’s very gentle and calm – and the Arncliffe Court Residents love giving her a fuss.

“Seeing Poppy often sparks conversations about everyone’s pets and their happy memories of spending time with animals.

“The Residents love having Poppy around.”

According to Daisy, plans are afoot to bring more animal visitors into the Home – and they’d love to get a live-in cat.

In the meantime, she’s hoping that Poppy will continue to drop in and spread the magic.

She sometimes visits with her brother Oatie, who is a little more boisterous, so only residents who feel comfortable with his playful nature.

Daisy said: “Poppy’s owner Meg is very supportive of Arncliffe Court.

“She’s a singer and guitarist and has performed here several times, including at Christmas.

“It’s very kind of her and Poppy to come and see us and bring so much joy to Residents.”