Children Create Handmade Christmas Cards For Barrock Court Residents

9 December 2020

Christmas cards for barrock court

Pupils at High Hesket School made sure Christmas was special for Residents at Barrock Court, by sending handmade festive cards.

The school got in touch with Colleagues at the Home to find out what each Resident’s favourite Christmas things, so the children could draw them.

They wanted each card to be personalised, so Residents would know they were in the children’s thoughts during the Christmas period.

When the post arrived, Deputy Manager Lisa Plackett said that the response was fantastic.

Lisa said: “Residents absolutely loved their Christmas cards – they were so well made!

“It was obvious that the pupils from High Heskett had put a lot of thought into them and we were so touched.

“We made sure the cards were on display all Christmas, so everyone could enjoy the colours and pictures.”

Although the children haven’t been able to visit Residents since the lockdown, Lisa said they are looking forward to when they can invite them back.

Lisa said: “Residents love having children to visit – and we love building intergenerational friendships.

“We will do something special when the pupils from High Heskett can finally come and see us again. It’ll be wonderful to have them here again.”