Gressenhall Primary School Pupils Send Christmas Heart Messages To Woodstoc

14 December 2020

Gressenhall Primary School Pupils Send Christmas Heart Messages To Woodstock

The children of St. Mary’s Primary School in Beetley have delivered joy to Woodstock Care Home Residents by sending heart-shaped Christmas messages.

The youngsters took part in the #HeartsForHomes initiative, where people were encouraged to write messages of love and compassion to Care Home Residents and their families.

The kind-hearted children of St. Mary’s wanted to make sure that each Resident had a special message at Christmas, so got to work producing their colourful cards.

The result was a beautiful display of hearts, packed with lovely drawings and words, that adorned a unique Christmas tree in the Home.

Activities Coordinator Naomi Daglish said that the Christmas tree looked fantastic and that everyone appreciated the kind gesture.

Naomi said: “We are lucky to live in a very tight-knit community where people care deeply about their neighbours.

“The children of St. Mary’s did a fantastic job of bringing Christmas cheer to Woodstock.

“By the time we’d finished decorating it, an entire Christmas tree was full with the wonderful cards. 

“Thanks so much to the children and their teachers for thinking of us.”