Children’s Group Send Christmas Messages Of Hope To Roseacres Residents

17 December 2020

Christmas joy to Roseacres Residents

The children of Silver Sunday group in Barnet brought Christmas joy to Roseacres Residents by sending messages of hope.

The kind-hearted kids asked for the names of each Resident so they could draw personalised Christmas messages.

They created lovely pictures and wrote kind messages to bring a bit of festive cheer to Roseacres.

Home Manager Howell Lasco said that the Christmas messages are just the first step in building new intergenerational friendships.

Howell said: “What a kind and thoughtful gesture from our new friends at Silver Sunday.

“Residents were thrilled to get their very own Christmas messages and loved the drawings they sent.

“It meant a lot to us that the children were thinking of us on the run-up to Christmas, and we hope that next year we’ll be able to welcome them to Roseacres in person.”

The Silver Sunday group and Roseacres intend to keep in touch with a view to doing more things together in the coming months.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, Howell and the team want to invite the children to pay a visit and get to know the Residents.

Howell said: “We’ve all learnt a lot about the importance of community during the pandemic.

“We’re delighted to have the chance to get to know the children better, and we hope to spend some quality time with them soon.”