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Cloisters Care Home Fosters Interfaith Unity Through Monthly Group Activity

15 February 2024

In a heartening display of unity and understanding, residents at Cloisters Care Home have been actively participating in an interfaith group activity organized by St. Michael and St. Martin’s Catholic Church. Held every second Friday of the month, this initiative provides a valuable opportunity for residents from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds to come together in harmony.

Facilitating a spirit of community and tolerance, the interfaith gathering serves as a platform for residents to learn, share, and celebrate their respective faiths in a positive and inclusive environment.

During the session, the priest leads a service in English, administering Holy Communion to Catholic residents before offering prayers and blessings that encompass all faiths. The room resonates with the collective voices of residents singing along to the uplifting melody of ‘He has the whole world in his hands,’ fostering a sense of togetherness and solidarity.

Following the service, residents take turns sharing insights into their faith traditions, offering prayers and blessings in their native languages. A rich tapestry of beliefs unfolds as residents proudly display articles of faith, such as Islamic prayer beads, known as Misbaha or Tasbih, which Sultana reverently holds between her hands in prayer.

Reflecting on the experience, Mary, one of the resident, expresses, “It’s a lovely way for us to learn about other faiths, and we have fun together.” Similarly, Susan, highlights the joy of singing along to each other’s religious songs, emphasizing the sense of camaraderie and enjoyment that permeates the gathering.

Through meaningful exchanges and shared experiences, Cloisters Care Home exemplifies the power of interfaith dialogue in fostering understanding, respect, and unity among residents of diverse backgrounds. As they come together to celebrate their differences and embrace their shared humanity, the residents of Cloisters forge bonds of friendship that transcend religious boundaries, enriching their lives and nurturing a spirit of inclusivity and acceptance.