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Cloisters Care Home Residents Attend St. Mark’s Catholic School Heartwarming Christmas Party

19 December 2023

Sixth form students from St. Mark’s Catholic School played the role of gracious hosts as they welcomed 16 Cloisters residents to a joyous Christmas party. The event was a perfect blend of traditional holiday cheer and modern-day camaraderie, fostering social interaction and positive engagement for all involved.

The party kicked off with a harmonious rendition of Christmas carols, filling the air with the spirit of the season. Students and residents alike joined in the festive singing, creating a magical atmosphere that transcended generational boundaries.

Adding an element of friendly competition, the gathering continued with a lively round of Christmas Bingo, keeping participants on the edge of their seats as they marked their cards in hopes of winning coveted prizes. The excitement reached new heights with a Christmas Raffle, where lucky attendees had the chance to bring home festive surprises.

The thoughtful inclusion of a Christmas Lunch provided by the school added a gastronomic delight to the celebration, ensuring that everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. What made the occasion even more special was the attendance of family members alongside each of the 16 residents. The presence of loved ones created a sense of unity and joy, making the Christmas party a true family affair.

Residents and their families expressed their happiness, highlighting the success of the event in bringing people of different ages together. “It was a fabulous afternoon, full of social interaction amongst the various age groups,” shared one attendee. “The positive engagement for all made it a memorable experience.”