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Gizmo the Therapy Dog Brings Joy to Netherton Green Care Home Residents

2 April 2024

Residents at Netherton Green Care Home eagerly anticipate the monthly visit of a furry friend who holds a special place in their hearts – Gizmo the therapy dog. With his wagging tail and gentle demeanor, Gizmo brings comfort and companionship to residents, leaving a lasting impact on their well-being.

The sight of Gizmo walking through the doors of the care home sparks pure joy among residents, whose faces light up at the sight of their beloved canine companion. For Ken, one resident, the experience of having Gizmo nestled in his lap brings a sense of relaxation and tranquility. “It’s really relaxing having him on my lap, especially when Gizmo falls asleep,” Ken shared, reflecting on the bond they share. “He must feel safe with me.”

For Joe, another resident who typically refrains from participating in other activities, the arrival of Gizmo is met with unbridled enthusiasm. “Yes!” Joe exclaimed upon seeing Gizmo, eagerly inviting him to sit on his lap. The simple act of interacting with Gizmo brings a sense of joy and connection that transcends barriers, highlighting the profound impact of animal-assisted therapy on residents’ emotional well-being.

As Gizmo spends time with residents, his presence creates moments of warmth and affection that uplift spirits and foster a sense of companionship. Through his visits, Gizmo not only brings smiles to the faces of residents but also provides them with a sense of comfort and security, reaffirming the invaluable role that therapy animals play in enhancing the quality of life for older adults.

The bond between Gizmo and the residents of Netherton Green Care Home is a testament to the power of animal companionship in promoting emotional well-being and fostering meaningful connections.