Birthday Girl Pat Celebrates Her Special Day With Golfhill ‘Family’

27 September 2021

Birthday Girl Pat Celebrates Her Special Day With Golfhill ‘Family’

Golfhill Colleagues and Residents made sure that birthday girl Pat was spoiled rotten this year with a special afternoon tea.

Everybody made a huge effort to give Pat a day to remember on her 77th birthday knowing that she doesn’t have any family to celebrate with.

Pat, who is popular with everyone at Golfhill, was treated to a spread of delicious cakes including scones, gateaux slices and French fancies.

She was showered with presents and cards, including some hand-drawn missives from fellow Residents.

During the afternoon party, the group played a game of ‘Guess the Song’ as her favourite music filled the air.

Activities Co-ordinator Megan Fleming said they made sure to play a selection of songs from The King himself, Mr Elvis Presley, who is Pat’s favourite.

Megan said: “It was such a fabulous day – we all gave Pat the royal treatment.

“She loves Elvis, so we played his music and had a lovely sing-a-long.

“It was nice for everyone to tuck into the delicious cakes and Pat really enjoyed her afternoon tea celebrations.

“She told us that she had a lovely time being fussed over by her ‘family’ here at Golfhill.”