Golfhill Residents Pay Their Respects During Emotional Remembrance Day Activities

13 November 2020

Golfhill rememberance day

Remembrance Day 2020 was moving for Residents of Golfhill Nursing Home in Glasgow as they commemorated the poignant occasion with personal tributes.

As they couldn’t attend community events to commemorate Remembrance Day, Colleagues arranged a host of activities to help Residents mark it at the Home instead.

They began with some crafting, with Residents making poppies during sessions that involved colour therapy and group creativity.

Using the home-crafted poppies, Colleagues decorated the windows and walls of the units with the stunning creations, giving the whole Home a burst of colour.

On the day itself, Activity Co-ordinator Kuldeep Badesha said that Residents and Colleagues got together to talk about their personal experiences of war and what Remembrance Day means to them.

Kuldeep said: “It was a wonderful opportunity for our Residents to share their memories of wartime and the experiences they’ve had.

“We heard stories that we’d never heard before. Some of our Residents fought in the Second World War, others were evacuees and had their own recollections of that difficult and life-changing time.

“It meant a lot to everyone to be able to talk about those days, to mark the occasion and to pay their respects to our fallen heroes.”