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Gorton Parks Residents Embark on Egg-citing Journey, Fostering Chicken Embryos for Easter

16 February 2024

In a heartwarming initiative, residents of Gorton Parks are eagerly taking on the responsibility of nurturing chicken embryos, with hopes of welcoming adorable chicks just in time for Easter. This unusual endeavour, facilitated by the organisation Living Eggs, has sparked excitement and unity within the community.

Ten chicken embryos, along with all necessary supplies and guidance, have been provided to the residents by Living Eggs, a company dedicated to fostering connections between people and nature through educational programs. The initiative aims not only to provide a hands-on learning experience but also to foster a sense of responsibility and care among participants.

Residents have enthusiastically embraced the task of caring for the embryos, carefully monitoring their development and ensuring they receive the necessary warmth and nutrition. With Easter approaching, anticipation is high for the hatching of the chicks, which will bring joy and delight to the community.

While some residents are considering the option of keeping a couple of chickens once they hatch, plans are also in motion to establish a suitable living space for the birds. Discussions are underway regarding the construction of a chicken coop within the community or the possibility of purchasing one to ensure a secure and comfortable environment for the feathered friends.

Maintenance teams are actively involved in exploring the best options for accommodating the chickens, recognising the importance of creating a safe and sustainable setting for the animals.

The fostering of chicken eggs has not only provided a unique and enriching experience for the residents but has also fostered a sense of camaraderie and cooperation within the Gorton Parks community. As they eagerly await the arrival of their fluffy companions, residents are united in their commitment to providing a loving and nurturing environment for the newly hatched chicks.