The Easter Bunnies Bring Joy To Hammerwich Hall

22 April 2022

The Hammerwich Hall Easter celebrations were made special this year by the arrival of not one but two Easter bunnies!

Residents look forward to getting their sweet treats hand-delivered by the infamous rabbit every year.

But this year, Activities Co-ordinator Bev Brown managed to conjure up two Easter bunnies that looked remarkably like her and Colleague Paulina.

The Residents reacted with peals of laughter as the hopping duo bounced into Hammerwich Hall, Bev tells us.
Hammerwich Hall Easter Bunnies

Bev said: “It’s always great fun to get my bunny on, and this year Paulina wanted to join the fun.

“It’s so lovely to see the Residents laughing and smiling when we deliver their eggs.

“We’d gone all out to decorate the dining room in Easter adornments.

“There was bunting made by Paulina’s children, drawings from the local Cub and Scouts group and plenty of fresh daffodils.

“It means a lot to brighten Residents’ day and see their smiles.”

The day involved a delicious Easter Sunday roast and an evening buffet with plenty of favourite foods.

There were tasty Easter cakes and the Easter eggs themselves to feast on.

Bev added: “The Residents really enjoyed having lots of treats and plenty of fun.

“During craft sessions earlier in the week, they’d made some Easter stained glass which are displayed in the dining room as well.

“The whole day was suitably Easter-tastic and put a spring in our steps!”