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Haydale Care Home Residents Embrace Community Engagement

22 February 2024

Residents at Haydale Care Home are active members of the vibrant local community, thanks to the home’s commitment to promoting independence and social interaction.

Encouraged to take charge of their own shopping needs, residents compile their shopping lists and venture out to local shops and shopping centers, fostering a sense of independence and boosting self-esteem. For 67-year-old Alice, this weekly outing is a highlight: “It’s the highlight of my week as I get to choose what I need for myself,” she shares with a smile, embodying the spirit of autonomy and empowerment.

But community engagement at Haydale extends beyond shopping trips. Residents also participate in various local events, such as the YMCA’s free community cafe, where they enjoy tea and cake while chatting with fellow locals. These outings not only provide opportunities for socialization but also allow residents to make meaningful connections with others in the neighborhood.

This week alone, the residents of Haydale Care Home have been busy immersing themselves in the local community. From visits to the Waverly, the neighborhood pub, to lunches at the all-abilities club, and indulging in cake at the YMCA community cafe, residents have embraced the diverse offerings available right on their doorstep. Additionally, leisurely walks to local shops provide moments of exercise and fresh air, enhancing overall well-being.

“At Haydale, we believe in the importance of staying connected to the community,” says the home’s Wellbeing Coordinator, reflecting on the home’s ethos. “These outings not only enrich the lives of our residents but also strengthen the bonds between our home and the wider community.”

Indeed, at Haydale Care Home, community engagement isn’t just a phrase—it’s a way of life, fostering independence, social interaction, and a sense of belonging among residents who are proud to call both the home and the community their own.