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Haydale Care Home Takes a Journey Down ‘Memory Lane’ with Scottish Themed Reminiscence Session

13 March 2024

At Haydale Care Home, the month of March has been dedicated to strolling down ‘Memory Lane,’ a theme designed to ignite reminiscence and foster connections among residents. To inaugurate this special month, the home held a lively Scottish themed reminiscence session that left hearts warmed and spirits lifted.

The centerpiece of the event was a cuddly Scottish teddy bear proudly adorned in his traditional kilt, which brought smiles as it made its rounds. Ella McLeish’s playful antics, lifting the bear’s kilt to reveal its ‘bear’ bum, elicited laughter and set the tone for an afternoon of cherished memories.

Residents were invited to participate in a delightful game of deciphering Scottish phrases, from the whimsical “shut your geggy” to the firm “away biel your heid,” sparking nostalgic conversations and jovial exchanges. Adding to the fun, residents tested their knowledge of Scottish celebrities, reminiscing about beloved figures from Lulu to Jackie Stewart.

Indulging in the flavours of Scotland, residents savoured traditional Scottish treats such as tea cakes and snowballs, accompanied by the iconic Irn-Bru, evoking fond memories of shared culinary delights from years gone by.


The session overflowed with joy as residents tapped their feet and swayed in their chairs to the lively tunes of Scottish music, reliving moments of youthful exuberance. Culminating the afternoon, laughter echoed through the corridors as everyone gathered to watch the timeless Scottish classic, “The Steamie,” on the smart TV.

Reflecting on the significance of reminiscence sessions, staff emphasised their importance in validating residents’ lives, providing them with a sense of identity and belonging as they fondly recall and share their treasured memories. Through laughter, storytelling, and shared experiences, the Scottish themed reminiscence session at Haydale Care Home proved to be a heartwarming celebration of life and camaraderie.