Haydale Channels Hawaii During Fun-Filled Mocktail Afternoon

19 May 2021

Haydale Channels Hawaii During Fun-Filled Mocktail Afternoon

The spirit of Hawaii was alive and well at Haydale Care Home this May as Residents enjoyed a fun-filled mocktail afternoon.

Thanks to the Home’s amateur mixologists, Residents were able to try a range of refreshing mocktails in Hawaiian-themed glasses.

As well as enjoying their colourful cocktails, the group also enjoyed doing some Hulu dancing dressed in grass skirts.

Activity Co-ordinator Isabel Cummings said that the Residents had so much fun that they’ve been asking to do it again.

Isabel said: “You’d have thought we were in Honolulu, not Haydale!

“The Residents love anything involving colour and music, and thanks to the grass skirts, vivid mocktails and Hawaiian soundtrack, this afternoon ticked every box.

“We’re always looking for ways to promote hydration, so making mocktails was a perfect opportunity to make this vital topic fun.

“In the days since, Residents keep asking us where our grass skirts are and when they can do the Hulu again!”

With international travel still restricted, Haydale Residents also took the opportunity to take a trip to Venice during the afternoon.

They sat down with their mocktails to enjoy a virtual tour of ‘The Floating City’.

Isabel added: “It was nice to wind down with a stop in Venice.

“Many Residents told us that they’d always longed to go there but never had the chance.

“The virtual tour was a wonderful way to explore Venice from the comfort of our Home, and we intend to make more trips over the coming months.”