Hill View Residents Go Daytripping To Kelvingrove Museum

23 May 2022

Hill View Residents Go Daytripping To Kelvingrove Museum

One of Glasgow’s most stunning art galleries and museums was the destination for a group of Hill View Care Home’s culture vultures this May.

Five Residents enjoyed a fabulous day out at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in the city’s northwest.

The day began when driver Phillip arrived with his mini-bus to drive the Residents and four Colleagues.

He made sure everyone got on and off the bus safely and had a comfortable trip to Kelvingrove.

Once they arrived, the Residents had a wonderful time wandering around the exhibits and taking in the stunning collection.

Activities Co-ordinator Michael said it was a terrific place to take the Residents for a great day out.

Michael said: “Kelvingrove is a stunning building, and there’s so much to see inside.

“The gentlemen were fascinated by the aeroplanes they had and the suits of armour.

“The artwork was stunning, and the ladies were captivated by the incredible colours on display.

“One of the ladies told me that it was the best day out she’d ever had and that she didn’t want to leave!”

There was a minor drama when the group arrived, thanks to Kelvingrove’s fire alarm.

Everyone had to assemble outside while staff established what was going on.

Happily, the disruptions gave the group time to admire the stunning architecture.

Michael: “It’s a magnificent building, and the weather was fair, so it was an enjoyable interlude that didn’t dampen our spirits.

“The Residents got to see everything they wanted to, and we had a fantastic day together.

“We hope to go day-tripping again very soon!”