Hill View Gents Do DIY Woodwork To Restore Garden Furniture

25 May 2021

Hill View Gents Do DIY Woodwork To Restore Garden Furniture

The garden furniture at Hill View Nursing Home looks as good as new thanks to hard work from the Home’s amateur woodworkers.

Residents Ian, Michael and Barry joined Activities Co-ordinator Michael Gallagher for two sessions of graft where they upcycled some tired chairs and tables.

The lads started by sanding down the items while chatting about their past DIY adventures.

After everything was prepared and treated, the gentlemen put a lick of paint on the furniture to bring it back to life.

Michael said: “The boys did a great job – although they did suggest half a bottle of scotch and a raise on day one!

“It turns out that they’d had a few DIY experiences in their pasts and done a little bit of woodwork before.

“They were proud as punch with the results and have had a great time showing their fellow Residents the finished result.”

Michael was keen to introduce some activities into the mix that would particularly appeal to the male Residents.

He said that the woodwork has gone down so well that they intend to do more.

Michael said: “We have already discussed making some bird boxes to be hung around Hill View’s grounds, which would be an excellent project for the guys.

“We’re also going to introduce a pub games night where they can play dominoes, cards and watch old football matches.

“It’s nice to see them having fun together and enjoying something different to the norm.”

woodwork at Hill View care home