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Hillview Care Home Welcomes Adorable Ducklings to the Family

9 April 2024

In a heartwarming endeavour to bring a touch of nature and joy to their residents, Hillview Care Home embarked on an exciting journey of hatching ducklings. After much anticipation and preparation, the eggs and incubator arrived at the home on March 12th, marking the beginning of a special chapter for the Hillview family.

The following day, the home was blessed with the arrival of three beautiful ducklings, each welcomed with open arms and named Glenda, Dave, and Jemima. Excitement filled the air as residents and staff eagerly awaited the hatching of the remaining eggs.

Amidst the chirping of the newly hatched ducklings, residents Jean, Beryl, and Betty gathered around, offering words of encouragement and cheering on the arrival of the final two ducklings. With joyful hearts, the Hillview family welcomed Captain and Flossy into their midst, completing the adorable brood.

Since their arrival, the ducklings have become cherished members of the Hillview family, bringing smiles and laughter to all who visit. Residents, family members, and colleagues alike flock to see the ducklings daily, marvelling at their growth and playful antics.

Hand-reared with love and care, the ducklings have their own cozy setup indoors, complete with a cage, paddling pool, and playpen. As they continue to grow and develop, they will soon transition to the inner garden, where they will reside safely alongside their furry friend, Frank the rabbit.

Despite being only three weeks old, the ducklings’ personalities are already shining through, bringing joy and laughter to the home with their endearing antics. The presence of Glenda, Dave, Jemima, Captain, and Flossy has not only brought happiness to the residents of Hillview Care Home but has also created a sense of connection and wonder as they watch the ducklings flourish and grow within their loving care.