Bedford Ladies Celebrate International Women’s Day Together

10 March 2021

international womens day

Female Residents at Bedford Nursing Home shared career stories and anecdotes at a special International Women’s Day gathering.

The ladies got together over tea and biscuits to talk about their experiences as women, their careers and the importance of gender equality.

Among the Residents there were former teachers, accountants and publicans, all happy to discuss their working lives.

Activities Co-ordinator Eileen Evans said that it was a lively, fascinating conversation that made her proud to be a woman.

Eileen said: “We wanted to bring the ladies together to talk about what International Women’s Day meant to them.

“It was lovely to listen to the ladies sharing stories about their experiences as women in the workforce and in their families.

“These are strong, smart and resilient women who have a lot of great anecdotes between them.

“It was inspiring to hear their stories and to mark such an important day together. It made me and the rest of my female Colleagues feel very proud to be women.”