Easter Karaoke Session Puts A Spring In Golfhill Residents’ Steps

10 April 2020

golfhill karaoke

The Residents of Golfhill Care Home made the most of Easter Sunday in lockdown – with a fun-filled karaoke session.

After enjoying their Easter eggs in the morning, Residents made their way to the communal lounge to take to the mic.

Every week Colleagues put on a karaoke activity as Residents love singing and dancing along to classic tunes, particularly old Scottish folk songs.

But this session was extra special as videos were posted on the Home’s Facebook page so their families could see them having a good time.

Customer Relations Manager Paul Lawson said it helped to reassure loved ones that the Residents were having fun despite the lockdown.

Paul said: “Everyone here loves a bit of karaoke – both Residents and my Colleagues!

“After eating all their Easter chocolate, the Residents had plenty of energy for singing and dancing!

“We got wonderful feedback from Relatives who said they were delighted to see their loved ones smiling and singing. It was quite early on in the lockdown, so it was hard for them to be apart and the videos were very well-received.”

As well as the karaoke and dancing, Residents also got to enjoy a buffet and beverages during the celebrations.

Paul added: “The combination of music, a buffet and dancing is always a winner here. A good time was had by all.”