Kingsway Brunch Lovers Go Italian!

17 May 2022

Kingsway Brunch Lovers Go Italian!

An alfresco brunch in Langley Park has become a weekly treat for Residents at Kingsway.

Groups of Residents enjoy visiting Café Montalbano, where they always get a ‘Bellissimo’ welcome.

The friendly staff at the Italian eatery are always happy to see Kingsway groups turning up to enjoy breakfast outside.

According to Home Manager Cheryl Bailey, it’s the regular indulgence that Residents most look forward to enjoying.

Cheryl said: “We’re lucky to have a place as fab as Café Montalbano so close by.

“We support Residents in many different age groups living with a range of challenges, and everyone enjoys their regular brunch.

“The food is delicious, and the coffee is terrific, so it’s no wonder our Residents always want to go back for more.

“It’s lovely to sit outside, enjoy a great brunch and watch the world go by.”

As Kingsway Residents include younger people, people living with mental health challenges and older adults, the mix of activities needs to be varied.

Being a part of the local community is very important to the Home, and Cheryl said Langley Park is a terrific place to be.

Cheryl said: “We try to get our Residents out and about every day, which means finding things for them to enjoy close by.

“It’s fortunate that we live in a warm, kind community where people support each other.

“After being in and out of lockdowns over recent years, the simple pleasures of a breakfast and coffee mean a lot to Residents.”