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Longwood Grange Care Home Celebrates ‘Good’ CQC Rating and Commendations from Residents and Staff

26 January 2024

Longwood Grange, a care home providing personal care for up to 32 people, including those living with dementia, is overjoyed to announce its recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating of ‘Good’. The comprehensive evaluation highlighted several commendable aspects of the home’s operations, affirming the dedication of its staff and the quality of care provided.

The CQC report emphasised that there were sufficient staff members to meet the needs of the residents.

The registered manager of Longwood Grange demonstrated exemplary oversight of the service, engaging effectively with residents, their families, staff, and external agencies. This robust leadership contributed to the consistent management and positive atmosphere within the care home. The culture fostered by leaders was highlighted as promoting high-quality, person-centered care, earning praise from residents and their families.

Feedback from those connected with the care home expressed admiration for the manager’s compassionate approach. One individual shared, “The manager is so loving and caring, and you can phone him anytime, he goes above and beyond.” Another remarked, “I know the manager; he is 100% approachable. He is a lovely guy who puts his heart into the place. I hope he never leaves; he is inspirational to his staff.”

Residents and their families actively participated in their care, contributing to the positive experiences shared during the CQC evaluation. Comments such as “The staff are absolutely top-notch,” and “This place has been a godsend,” underscored the positive impact of the care provided at Longwood Grange. The staff team’s exceptional judgment and commitment to treating residents with dignity and respect were also noted.

The care home demonstrated a proactive approach to meeting residents’ needs by making appropriate referrals and collaborating effectively with other agencies. Professionals working with Longwood Grange praised the staff for their eagerness to learn and their consistently helpful attitude.

Staff members, in turn, felt supported by the manager, who created an environment where concerns could be raised openly. One staff member expressed, ” The manager has been very, very supportive.”

Longwood Grange now looks forward to building upon this ‘Good’ rating, continuing its commitment to delivering exceptional care and maintaining the positive, person-centered culture that has earned the praise of residents, their families, and external professionals alike.

Home Manager, Ben Makwar, who took over in August 2021, shared insights into the journey of improvement. “When I took over as home manager, the home required improvement according to the last CQC inspection. Since then, my team and I have diligently worked on the action plan derived from that inspection,” he remarked.

To streamline and enhance the care delivery process, the company introduced Person-Centred Software (PCS), which is now integral to ensuring that Longwood Grange provides personalized and high-quality care. Additionally, the implementation of Mede-Care, an electronic medical system, has proven instrumental in managing medication systems effectively.

Reflecting on the positive changes, Ben stated, “I have fostered a good relationship with all my staff and other healthcare professionals, contributing to an improved culture at Longwood Grange. All staff members are dedicated to providing safe and quality care to our residents.”

He emphasized the open-door policy as a key aspect of the care home’s success. “As a manager, I have an open-door policy where staff can come and get support whenever needed. I take pride in enjoying my role as the manager at Longwood Grange Care Home, as we have made significant improvements and built strong relationships with external parties.”

Read the full CQC report here: