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Madeira House Care Home Hosts Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Celebration

15 February 2024

In a  display of love and camaraderie, Madeira House care home hosted a delightful Valentine’s Day celebration, bringing together residents and their cherished family members for an evening filled with warmth and joy.

The ambiance was set with an exquisite three-course meal that tantalised the taste buds of all attendees. The culinary journey began with a velvety tomato and basil soup, followed by a main course featuring pork steak accompanied by a medley of trimmings including steamed vegetables, stuffing, and roast potatoes. The culinary crescendo reached its peak with a delectable pudding of strawberry pavlova topped with luscious whipped cream.

The care home went all out by adorning tables with fresh roses and delicate petals, creating an atmosphere of romance and elegance. The air was filled with the melodious strains of lover’s music, enhancing the sense of celebration and togetherness.

As the evening unfolded, all parties indulged in a little tipple, further elevating the festive spirit of the occasion. A family member, moved by the thoughtful decorations and heartfelt atmosphere, expressed gratitude for the home’s commitment to celebrating Valentine’s Day with such warmth and sincerity.

Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, residents shared their wisdom and reflections on love. When asked for advice on matters of the heart, resident Pat offered a poignant insight gleaned from a lifetime of experience. “Never be afraid to argue,” she remarked, “because it’s the making up after that counts.” Pat fondly recalled how this counsel from her mother had resonated with her for over four decades.

As the evening continued to unfold, the festivities reached a delightful climax with residents given the opportunity to unleash their creativity and indulge their sweet tooth. The day culminated in a charming ice cream sundae station, where residents eagerly crafted their own personalized treats.

As the last spoonfuls disappeared and the echoes of laughter lingered in the air, it was evident that the Valentine’s Day celebration at Madeira House care home had left an indelible mark on all who had participated.