Maycroft Keeps Peter Stone’s Legacy Alive At Art Centre He Inspired

13 January 2022

Maycroft Keeps Peter Stone's Legacy Alive At Home Art Centre He Inspired

The opening of Maycroft’s new art centre will be dedicated to late artist Peter Stone as Residents and Visitors are invited to experience his incredible legacy.

Peter, who died in December 2021 aged 95, worked alongside Home Manager Lynn Ward and her team to create the inspiring space and its resources.

It was Lynn who suggested that Peter – an acclaimed artist and former Headmaster at Meridian School – could teach classes when he moved into Maycroft.

Art Room 1 in the Maycroft Meridian Art Centre opened in early 2021, where Peter worked with Residents and visitors to the studio, teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The second room, which houses Peter’s exceptional work, art books and the vast collection of creative resources, will be opened in early 2022.

Home Manager Lynn said it would be bittersweet to open the centre on his behalf, just weeks after he passed away.

Lynn said: “It is hoped it will open in February 2022 when the final pieces have been placed as Peter wished so that future generations can enjoy his work and love of art.

“The art centre is housed in our listed building within the Home grounds and will be followed through to completion by the team here.

“When I visited Peter in his bungalow in Meldreth [before he came to our Home], I admired his work in his art studio and suggested that while he was at Maycroft, he taught other Residents.

“Peter then planned and directed the Meridian Maycroft Art and Resource Centre project, which he witnessed nearing completion before his death.

“Peter was a very unique individual – and we look forward to opening The Meridian Maycroft Art Centre on Peter’s behalf.

“Not everyone starts a new project later in life, but he did and had great success with it.”