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Millview Residents Scrub Up Nicely In Sensory Activity

24 July 2022

Millview Residents Scrub Up Nicely In Sensory Activity

A selection of sensory activities has given Residents at Millview an opportunity to make their own body scrubs and sweet treats.

First was a foot and hand scrub session where the group learned how to make and use beauty essentials.

Activities Co-ordinator Lindsay Massot sourced a recipe for a fragrant lemon scrub which could be made using simple household ingredients.

Once everyone had prepared their paste, the therapeutic treatment could begin.

Lindsay said: “The Residents love a bit of pampering, so I thought they’d enjoy making the scrubs and getting us to do the beautifying.

“Not only was it a good opportunity to do some light exfoliation, but the sensory textures and aromas boost wellbeing.”

The Millview Residents also learned how to make their own no-cook fudge.

Lindsay guided them through a simple recipe which involved plenty of arm exercises as they mixed by hand.

She said: “It was a great activity because the result is lots of delicious fudge!

“The mixing was good for the residents because using their hands like that is good for dexterity and flexibility.

“There were plenty of happy Residents once it was ready to eat.”

The summer fun didn’t end there as another sensory experience came courtesy of mobile petting zoo Bunny & Co.

After two years of Zoom visits, the Residents were having to get to meet Bunny & Co’s menagerie face-to-face.

Lindsay said: “It was so lovely to finally get the chance to hold the adorable animals.

“The Residents got to pet rabbits, ducks, hens, and guinea pigs during their visit.

“I know they loved the feeling of fur and feathers as they stroked the animals and held them on their laps.

“It felt like a milestone moment to have an in-person session after so long on Zoom.”