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Mrs. Claus Spreads Holiday Joy at Haydale Care Home

21 December 2023

In a heartwarming tradition that has become a highlight for both residents and staff at Haydale Care Home in Tollcross, Mrs. Claus, played by Jennifer Rae from Tollcross Co-op Funeral Services, paid her annual visit to spread holiday cheer. Accompanied by the dynamic wellbeing team of Isabel Cummings and Kirstin Millar, Mrs. Claus brought joy, laughter, and sweet treats to every corner of the care home.

Dressed in festive attire, Jennifer made her way through the home, visiting lounges and bedrooms, accompanied by the cheerful tunes of Christmas music playing on a portable boom box. Residents eagerly awaited her arrival, and the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement.

Ewan Mains, a resident at Haydale Care Home, shared his delight as he danced with Mrs. Claus in his room, expressing, “It made my day! Dancing with Mrs. Claus is something I look forward to every year.”

The wellbeing team, led by Isabel and Kirstin, played an integral role in orchestrating the festive ambiance, ensuring that each resident had the opportunity to enjoy a dance, a song, and a friendly chat with Mrs. Claus. The lively interaction brought smiles and laughter, creating a sense of holiday magic throughout the care home. One humorous moment unfolded as Jennifer playfully joked with resident Lorraine Wilton, suggesting that Santa Claus might be hiding in her bedroom.


Isabel, reflecting on the longstanding relationship with Jennifer and the Tollcross Co-op, stated, “We welcome them at Easter, Halloween, but the Mrs. Claus visits always bring the biggest smiles. It’s a special time for everyone.”

Amidst the festivities, the care home received an unexpected and adorable surprise – the arrival of Agnes Hannah’s great-granddaughter, five-week-old Romi. The little one added an extra dose of warmth and joy to the celebration, becoming a symbol of the interconnectedness of generations during the holiday season.

As Mrs. Claus bid farewell, leaving behind a trail of smiles and cherished memories, the residents of Haydale Care Home were left with hearts full of gratitude for the annual visit that continues to make the holiday season truly magical.