New Tech Brings Music and Laughter To Cloisters Residents

2 March 2021

music and laughter

The arrival of a Smart TV box at Cloisters Care Home has been hailed as a gamechanger by Residents.

Activities Co-ordinator Simon and his team have been using the new tech to stage karaoke afternoons, therapeutic musical sessions and classic comedy screenings.

Residents have been singing along to their favourite classic songs by broadcasting the karaoke versions on YouTube. Songs by Frank Sinatra, Dame Vera Lynn, Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, and Elvis Presley have all been on the playlist.

Simon said: “The Residents love a karaoke session, so it’s been great to give them the chance to sing along to all their favourite hits, such as the James Bond themes. 

“It’s so easy for us to find the karaoke versions on YouTube and line up a playlist. We’ve also been using music videos with Residents who are living with dementia.

“It’s amazing to see how they light up when songs they love come on and they are able to sing along.”

As well as the music, the Smart TV box is being used to screen comedies and funny videos to keep Residents entertained.

Simon added: “Funny cat videos are very popular here, as they are across the Internet!

“We’ve also been screening episodes of shows like ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, ‘Dad’s Army’ and ‘Fawlty Towers’, which the Residents love. 

“It’s always nice to hear laughter ringing out across Cloisters!”