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Netherton Green Care Home Transports Residents to Blackpool with Theme Day Extravaganza

22 May 2024

Nostalgia filled the air at Netherton Green Care Home as residents embarked on a journey to Blackpool during a special themed day celebration. The highlight of the event was a delectable feast of fish and chips from the renowned Chip Chop, delivered straight to the home, while the dining area was transformed into a charming seaside retreat.

As residents indulged in their fish and chips, adorned with traditional kiss me quick hats handmade by some of the residents themselves, memories of days spent at Blackpool came flooding back. Derrick, a resident with a twinkle in his eye, reminisced about his time as a coach driver, ferrying excited holidaymakers to the iconic destination.

“The smell of the fish and chips and the lively atmosphere instantly transported me back to the beach,” remarked Ken, another resident, as he savored the seaside flavors and soaked in the ambiance.

Joining in the festivities, staff members shared in the joyous occasion, adding to the sense of camaraderie and community. Laughter and chatter filled the room as residents and staff alike bonded over shared memories and experiences.

To cap off the day on a sweet note, everyone indulged in Cornettos and ice cream, reminiscent of leisurely strolls along Blackpool’s bustling promenade. The icing on the cake was a virtual tour of Blackpool, allowing residents to relive cherished moments and create new memories from the comfort of their home.

The Blackpool-themed day at Netherton Green Care Home was not only a delightful escape for residents but also a testament to the power of reminiscence and shared experiences in fostering happiness and connection within the community.