Netherton Green Gets Magical Oompa Loompa Visit On World Chocolate Day

29 July 2021

Netherton Green Gets Magical Oompa Loompa Visit On World Chocolate Day

Willy Wonka despatched his very best Oompa Loompas to Netherton Green Care Home in Dudley this July to share chocolates galore.

A trio of chocolate bringers arrived in full costume to mark a double celebration for World Chocolate Day and Glad To Care Week.

Residents were amazed when they were greeted by Oompa Loompas handing out delicious treats for the occasion.

According to Activities Co-ordinator Michaela Hammami, even Mr Wonka himself couldn’t have brought more joy to the units.

Michaela said: “To see the Residents with huge smiles on their faces and so excited was amazing.

“Each of the units here did a little twist with the chocolates, including using chocolate fountains.

“I got an idea from Cadbury’s World to create little melting pots of chocolate where Residents could add in marshmallows, fruits and anything else they fancied.”

Residents also took part in card making to share their gratitude with the care staff who support them as part of the Glad To Care celebrations.

Each care Colleague received a card complete with chocolate and teabag.

Michaela added: “The idea was that with these little packs, Residents could say, ‘Have a break on us’.

“It was lovely to hear Residents saying how grateful they were for all the hard work our care Colleagues do each day.

“The whole day was a terrific celebration with added sweetness!”