Netherton Green Residents Enjoy Intergenerational Week Visit

16 May 2022

Netherton Green Hosts Intergenerational Week Visit

A lively group of pre-school children joined Residents at Netherton Green this spring to celebrate Global Intergenerational Week 2022.

The visit was arranged by Activities Co-ordinator Karen Winmill, who has a family friend who runs a childminding business in the area.

Global Intergenerational Week hopes to raise awareness for the positive impact of connection between different generations.

Childminder Hannah brought a one-year-old, a two-year-old and two three-year-olds to spend time playing with Residents.

The first visit was so successful that the group have already arranged to meet up again every month.

Karen said: “It was the first time we’ve been able to welcome children to Netherton Green since the pandemic began.

“The children were bubbly, friendly, and so sweet, and the Residents had the best time with them.

“It’s lovely to see how much both generations get from spending time together.”

During the visit, the Residents played ball games in the garden with the little children.

There were plenty of smiles and laughs as everyone had fun in the sun.

Karen added: “We immediately asked Hannah if she’d bring the children back again.

“Hopefully, we’ll be seeing Hannah and the children every month.

“Intergenerational socialising brings so much happiness to all concerned.

“We are looking forward to more visits with the children to strengthen our bonds.”