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Norwood Care Home Residents Embrace Fit-Baw Programme for Gentle Football Exercises

14 May 2024

Yesterday marked an exciting day at Norwood Care Home as residents welcomed the Fit-Baw programme for a session of gentle football exercises. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm as residents engaged wholeheartedly and relished the experience.

Fit-Baw, a four-week programme designed specifically for care home residents, offers an opportunity for gentle exercise tailored to their needs and abilities. Each week, participants immerse themselves in various football-related activities aimed at promoting physical activity and social interaction. One highlight of the programme is the “footballer of the week” award, presented to a deserving resident who demonstrates outstanding participation and effort. The recipient of this earns a certificate, adding an element of friendly competition and recognition to the sessions.

The residents’ positive reception and enjoyment of the Fit-Baw programme underscore the significance of such activities in a care home setting. Beyond the physical benefits of exercise, these sessions contribute to residents’ overall well-being by fostering social connections, boosting morale, and enhancing quality of life. Engagement in structured activities like Fit-Baw not only promotes physical health but also stimulates cognitive function, improves mood, and provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Additionally, the camaraderie and sense of community fostered during these sessions create a supportive environment where residents feel valued and included.


As the residents of Norwood Care Home continue to participate in the Fit-Baw programme, they not only reap the immediate benefits of physical activity but also contribute to a vibrant and enriching care home environment where every individual’s well-being is prioritised and celebrated.