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Parklands Court Care Home Embraces World Book Day with Enthusiasm

13 March 2024

In a heartwarming celebration of literature and imagination, Parklands Court Care Home transformed into a realm of beloved characters as staff donned costumes to mark World Book Day.

From the larger-than-life Giant Chicken Licken portrayed by Jack to the whimsical Willy Wonka brought to life by Ryan, alongside his troupe of Oompa Loompas led by Dave, the day was a kaleidoscope of literary figures. Allie charmed as Snow White, joined by the merry band of dwarfs portrayed by Jayne, Lisa, Karen, and Nina. Not to be outdone, Steve took on the role of Jesus, while Kiran brought the zaniness of Looney Tunes to the festivities, and Kath enchanted as the iconic Cat in the Hat. And reigning over it all was Parklands’ own monarch, manager Rebecca.

The residents, the cherished audience for this delightful spectacle, reveled in the joyous atmosphere, their laughter echoing through the halls. One resident, Jocey, found herself overcome with tears of laughter at Jack’s portrayal of the oversized chicken, advising him not to let his feathers get wet, a moment that encapsulated the day’s infectious spirit.

Throughout the morning, residents were treated to printed copies of short stories and had the pleasure of having them read aloud, immersing themselves in the magic of storytelling.

Reflecting on the event, staff and residents alike agreed that it had been a truly lovely morning, a testament to the power of literature to unite hearts and spark joy. As the costumes are stored away until next year, the memories of this whimsical celebration will surely endure, reminding everyone of the timeless enchantment found within the pages of a book.