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Parklands Court Care Home Unveils Heartfelt Remembrance Day Tribute

15 November 2023

In a poignant annual tradition, Parklands Court Care Home in Bloxwich has transformed its premises into a breathtaking memorial display, paying homage to the sacrifices made by generations past. The care home’s residents and staff have gone above and beyond, covering every inch with 1000s of meticulously crafted handmade poppies, a sentry box, a lifelike spitfire, and an array of poignant silhouettes depicting soldiers, horses, dogs, and more.

Watch a video of the entire display here:

One resident, 92-year-old William Corbett, a former air force serviceman, played a hands-on role in the creation of this touching tribute. Serving as a powerful link to history, William not only helped paint a symbolic chair but also contributed to the crafting of numerous poppies. Reflecting on his involvement, he shared, “It brought back a lot of memories.” His wife, Maureen, recounted a unique story from William’s military service, highlighting a moment when he accidentally injured himself with a bayonet during a parade.

William’s connection to wartime service runs deep; his father, Charlie Corbett, served as a gunner in the First World War, losing his hearing due to the constant barrage of explosions.


Patricia Pruden, Parklands Court’s Wellbeing Coordinator, emphasized the significance of the memorial display, stating, “We do this for the residents and for the community, and it is done with love. Staff and residents should be proud of this poignant tribute, which serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedom.” She added that the preparation for the display sparked a wave of reminiscing among the residents, each with their own personal family connections to the war.

The community response has been overwhelming, with cars and local residents stopping throughout the day to capture photos and videos of the touching display. Patricia noted, “We have had some lovely comments and messages of thanks.”


In a touching climax to the day, Eddie Hughes MP and resident Archibald Rudd participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial, surrounded by emotional staff and fellow residents. The event served as a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of the sacrifices made for the freedom we cherish today.