Resident Artist Peter Stone Opens Art Centre At Maycroft Care Home

3 January 2021

maycroft resident artist

The Residents at Maycroft Care Home have welcomed the opening of a new art centre where they can attend classes run by acclaimed painter Peter Stone.


The Meridian Maycroft Art Centre consists of two rooms, with the first room used as a teaching space where Peter, 94, will lead a series of talks and workshops. In room two, a collection of Peter’s paintings and the numerous books and works he’s collected during his lifetime will go on display.


As a Resident at Maycroft, Peter has been instrumental in the planning and development of the art centre and hopes it’ll be a place of inspiration for visitors. He’s also keen to get other artists and craftspeople to teach there too.


Peter said: “I hope that the art centre will be a place for my fellow Residents and our visitors to explore the world differently through art.


“I’ve been an educator all my life, so it’s wonderful to continue to teach people and help them develop new skills and open new worlds up to them.


“There’s an opportunity for us to help people living with dementia through art, and I’m particularly interested in how they can benefit from workshops here.”


When it’s safe to do so, the art centre will be opened to public visitors as well – with creatives from near and far invited to lead sessions and give talks.


For Home Manager Lynn Ward, it’s an exciting opportunity to bring the world of art into the Home.


Lynn said: “The centre is going to be an excellent resource for Residents and it’ll bring fascinating people to visit us. 


“I’m looking forward to seeing what this hub of creativity and excitement will produce. It’s going to be a wonderful part of life here at Maycroft.”