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Robotic Companion Pets Bring Joy and Comfort to Residents at Parklands Care Home

28 February 2024

Residents at Parklands care home are experiencing a newfound joy and companionship thanks to the introduction of robotic companion pets. Among the furry companions are a cat and a dog, which have quickly become beloved fixtures in the lives of the residents.

For Marjorie, a resident who adores animals with a special fondness for dogs, the addition of these robotic pets has been a source of pure delight. Despite knowing it’s not a real dog, Marjorie’s love for animals shines through as she cuddles, talks to, and cares for her robotic companion with unwavering affection.

Similarly, another resident has formed a strong bond with the robotic cat. Mistaking it for a real feline, she spends hours petting, talking to, and enjoying the company of her new companion. The lifelike movements and sounds of the robotic cat provide her with a sense of comfort and companionship, keeping her engaged and joyful throughout the day.

These Alzheimer’s Society companion pets are more than just mechanical gadgets; they serve as valuable tools for providing stimulation, companionship, and comfort to residents, particularly those living with dementia. By replicating the behaviours of real pets, these robotic companions offer a sense of familiarity and emotional support to residents like Marjorie and her fellow residents at Parklands care home.

“It’s amazing to see the impact these robotic pets have had on our residents,” says Patricia, the wellbeing coordinator at Parklands. “They bring so much joy and comfort, and it’s heart-warming to witness the connections they form with these lifelike companions.”

Indeed, for residents at Parklands care home, these robotic companion pets have become cherished friends, providing moments of happiness and laughter amidst the routines of daily life. As they continue to care for and interact with their robotic companions, residents find solace and companionship in the presence of their furry friends.