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Roseacres Care Home Hosts Joyful B Happie Kids Day

3 June 2024

Roseacres Care Home was brimming with laughter and joy as it hosted a delightful garden party for children during the bank holiday half term. The event, a part of our B Happie initiative, aimed to create intergenerational connections, bringing together residents and children for a day filled with fun and bonding.

The garden party was a vibrant scene with a variety of activities that engaged both kids and residents. Arts and crafts tables were set up, where young and old alike created beautiful pieces together. The games area was buzzing with excitement as children and residents participated in sack races, dress relays, pin the tail on the donkey, and paddling pool fishing. Other popular activities included ball throwing, face painting, and sticker tattoos. The day was filled with music and dancing, with everyone enjoying the lively atmosphere, especially during the ‘statue dance’ game.

Children were treated to a delightful array of snacks, including popcorn, cupcakes, crisps, sandwiches, cakes, and ice lollies. The event was such a hit that the kids expressed their desire to come back again the next day. Glynis, one of the residents, remarked, “It is amazing to see kids and watch them play. They never run out of energy.” Joan, another resident, shared her experience with ball throwing, laughing as she recounted how she had a child do it for her because she couldn’t hit the target.

Simon, the son of one of the residents, brought his entire family to the event. He jokingly complained about his wife and two children winning three separate events, each taking home a little trophy cup, while he did not win any. His good-natured grumbling added to the cheerful mood, and his family’s success was a highlight of the day.

The residents’ happiness was palpable, especially as they watched the children play and eagerly introduced themselves. The smiles on their faces were matched by the enthusiasm of the staff, many of whom brought their own children to the event. Proudly showing their kids around the care home, staff members introduced them to colleagues and residents, creating a sense of inclusion and community.

Overall, B Happie Kids Day at Roseacres Care Home was a resounding success, fostering intergenerational connections and creating cherished memories for all who attended. The event exemplified the power of bringing together different generations to share joy, laughter, and meaningful interactions.