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Rutherglen Care Home Joins First Tuesday Club’s Heartwarming Christmas Celebration

14 December 2023

Residents and staff from Rutherglen Care Home were invited to the heartwarming Christmas Party hosted by the First Tuesday Club, a dedicated forum for those living with dementia and their caregivers. The event took place on December 5th at St Columbkille’s Church hall in Rutherglen, where the club meets every first Tuesday of the month to provide entertainment and stimulation for its attendees.

The First Tuesday Club, established to create a supportive community for individuals dealing with dementia and their caregivers, opened its doors for a special Christmas celebration that brought joy to all in attendance. Residents and staff from Rutherglen Care Home have been regular participants in the club’s monthly gatherings, forming a strong bond with the community.


The venue was adorned with festive decorations, and the atmosphere buzzed with excitement as everyone eagerly anticipated the festivities.

The Christmas buffet, a spread of seasonal delights, was a highlight of the event, offering a delectable array of treats for attendees to enjoy.

Entertainment was a key feature of the celebration, with a lineup of activities designed to engage and stimulate the participants. Singing and dancing took center stage, providing a lively and festive backdrop to the event. The joyous sounds of laughter and music echoed through St Columbkille’s Church hall, creating an uplifting and memorable experience for all.

Mary Coulter, an 87-year-old resident of Rutherglen Care Home, expressed her delight at the festivities. “What a wonderful day,” she exclaimed, beaming with joy. “I couldn’t fault it at all. Everyone was so attentive, and there was a great atmosphere. It truly warmed my heart.”