Fun In The Sun At Ryland View Beach Party

29 July 2021

ryland view beach party

Colleagues at Ryland View threw a fantastic beach party at the Home this summer – complete with sun, ‘sea’ and sand.

Activities Co-ordinator Julie Robinson and her Colleagues wanted to treat Residents to a day at the beach by providing a sensory experience.

Julie had some bags of sand at home that she brought into work to create sandpits for Residents to put their feet in.

The team used paddling pools to create the ‘sea’, and the sun shone to give everyone the full seaside experience.

Julie said: “The weather was so fantastic that we thought it was the perfect opportunity to throw a beach party.

“The Residents loved it because everyone was able to safely get together and enjoy music, ice creams and socialising.

“The daughter of one of the Residents joined her dad at the party, and our Colleagues who were working inside came and joined us during their lunch breaks too.”

Partygoers were able to relax under rainbow parasols during the event as they enjoyed the glorious summer day.

For those Residents who couldn’t get outside, the team provided an alternative sensory experience.

Julie added: “We didn’t want anyone to be left out, so we made hand buckets of sand so Residents indoors could touch and feel it.

“Those sensations take you right back to days spent at the coast, and it’s lovely to chat to Residents about their holiday memories.

“We were so pleased that everybody had such a nice time and finally got to have some fun in the sun.”