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Gardening Galore For Ryland View Residents

30 June 2022

Gardening Galore For Ryland View Residents

The beautiful June weather inspired Ryland View Residents and Colleagues to get out in the sunshine to do a spot of gardening.

The team at Heronville House asked Residents to join them for an impromptu potting session on the patio.

They wanted to make sure there were pops of colour in the planters, hanging baskets and pots, so they got to work.

Housekeeper Gwen and Carer Kerry led the charge as the happy group got busy in the garden.

Heronville House Manager Lindsey said it was great to see the outdoor area getting spruced up.

Lindsey said: “It’s always fantastic to have lovely plants and flowers to enjoy.

“The residents at Heronville are living with dementia, so the sensory benefits of the colours, textures and aromas of the plants are so good for them.

“I know how much everyone enjoyed spending time outside with the sun on their faces.

“It was a very happy time for all concerned.”

Although Gwen works as the Housekeeper for Heronville, she was happy to get stuck into the activity with her colleagues and the residents.

In taking the initiative, Gwen proved what an asset she is to the team.

Lindsey said: “I’m so proud of how my team step up and make sure the residents enjoy happy lives.

“We don’t let our roles pigeon-hole us, and that’s why Gwen led the gardening session.

“It’s great to see the Residents getting involved and having such a nice time together.”