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Shoogalie Road Productions Brings Joy to Rutherglen with The Julie Andrews Show

13 March 2024

Rutherglen care home was treated to a delightful spectacle today as Shoogalie Road Productions presented The Julie Andrews Show, captivating audiences as part of the community’s Mother’s Day festivities.

With a repertoire spanning iconic classics from The Sound of Music to Mary Poppins, the performance was a symphony of nostalgia and joy, with attendees enthusiastically joining in on the familiar tunes. As melodies filled the air, the infectious energy of the crowd turned the venue into a harmonious chorus of voices, echoing through the corridors of Rutherglen.

Mary Coulter, an 88-year-old Resident, expressed her delight, describing the show as “marvellous” and conveying her genuine enjoyment. Drew Thomson, aged 92, marvelled at the talent on display, praising the singer’s remarkable voice as “fantastic” and leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

The atmosphere was nothing short of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, with smiles abound and hearts filled with the magic of Julie Andrews’ timeless melodies. Rachel MacNeil, the activity coordinator, beamed with pride as she observed the crowd singing along and basking in the joyous ambiance. Reflecting on the event, she exclaimed, “It’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves, singing along, and looking happy. This was ‘one of my favourite things!'”

The Julie Andrews Show not only entertained but also united the community in celebration of Mother’s Day, showcasing the enduring legacy of a beloved performer and the universal language of music in bringing people together.