Croxteth Community Kindness Delights Residents At Stonedale Lodge

13 May 2021

Stonedale Lodge Daffodils

Supermarket giant Asda and wholesaler H&F Flowers have been hailed for their community spirit by delighted Colleagues at Stonedale Lodge in Liverpool.

Throughout the pandemic, the Home has been bowled over by support from friends and neighbours in the local area, including nearby businesses.

Recently, Asda made sure Easter was sweet for Residents by donating a staggering 130 eggs to Stonedale Lodge. Their huge gesture meant everyone was able to enjoy a sweet treat on the bank holiday weekend.

The eggs were greatly appreciated, and Residents were bowled over by Asda’s generosity.

Stonedale Lodge Asda Gifts

Meanwhile, Senior Activities Co-ordinator Karen Dransfield was keen to do a flower arranging day for Residents, so she reached out for help.

She spoke to some local florists who pointed her in the direction of wholesaler H&F Flowers.

Due to the lockdown and the inclement weather, the firm had struggled to get pickers for their daffodils. So, instead of letting the bright blooms go to waste, they donated 1,000 flowers to Stonedale Lodge.

Karen said: “We were stunned to receive boxes and boxes of stunning daffodils!

“When I reached out to local florists, I never imagined that we’d be given so many wonderful flowers as a donation. H&F Flowers were extremely generous, and the Residents had a wonderful time learning flower arranging.”

Karen said that both these acts of kindness from Asda and H&F Flowers proved what an impact community bonds can have.

She said: “We are so lucky to have businesses nearby who really want to put a smile on the faces of vulnerable people.

“Community spirit is alive and well in Liverpool, and we thank both businesses for thinking of us.”