Stonedale Lodge Residents Feast At Pancake Day Party

18 March 2022

Stonedale Lodge Residents Feast At Pancake Day Party

Chefs at Stonedale Lodge fried up hundreds of pancakes for Residents on Shrove Tuesday this March.

The delicious desserts were garnished with all kinds of sweet treats including berries, bananas, lemon, and sugar.

Each of Stonedale Lodge’s five units hosted a pancake day party, which kept Chefs Ray and Mark busy flipping frying pans all afternoon.

Home Manager Lisa Mulcahy said that Residents had a great time reminiscing about pancake days they’d enjoyed with their families.

Lisa said: “It was great to hear the Residents enjoying themselves and sharing happy memories.

“Some of them were talking about pancakes their parents made them when they were children.

“Others were talking about pancake day with their own kids. They had a wonderful time.”

The pancakes were served with Residents’ beverages of choice – and some opted to have a little sherry or wine with their pancakes.

There was also discussion about Ash Wednesday and Lent as many Residents practice Christian traditions.

Lisa added: “Faith is very important to many of the Residents and it’s always interesting to hear their discussions.

“For many of them, pancakes were the special treat before the time of sacrifice during Lent.

“Our Colleagues are always ready to support them with practising their faith and keeping up with their religious communities.