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Sweet Shop Unveiled at Parklands Court Care Home

27 November 2023

In a heartening celebration of community spirit, Parklands Court Care Home welcomed a momentous occasion with the grand opening of ‘The Cabin,’ a whimsical sweet shop. The day was made even more special as the local MP, Eddie Hughes, graciously inaugurated this delightful haven


Recognising the universal love for chocolate, the staff at Parklands spearheaded the revival of the sweet shop, infusing it with a renewed sense of charm and purpose.

With a keen eye for design, Wellbeing Coordinator, Patricia Pruden, took charge of the redecoration, breathing new life into the space. “I redecorated the room and made a canopy for the window out of old blinds, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere,” she shares. The result is not just a sweet shop but a haven that beckons residents, relatives, and staff to indulge in the simple joys of life.



Understanding the unique needs of the residents, Patricia introduced the sweet trolley—a mobile extension of ‘The Cabin’ that travels through the corridors every morning. This thoughtful touch ensures that even those unable to venture out can partake in the joy of choosing sweets, bringing a daily dose of happiness to their bedrooms.

‘The Cabin’ goes beyond sweets, offering a curated selection of crisps, savory snacks, and refreshing beverages. Patricia consulted with the residents to stock the shelves with their preferred items, making the shopping experience a personalised and enjoyable affair. The shop also features a stand for birthday cards, with future plans to include toiletries and trinkets.


Recognising the importance of community involvement, Patricia is on a mission to recruit volunteers to support the shop. “I am trying to get some volunteers to help out,” she shares with optimism. Presently, with the assistance of office staff, ‘The Cabin’ opens twice a week in the afternoons, welcoming residents, relatives, and staff.

The doors are open, the shelves are stocked with care, and ‘The Cabin’ stands as a testament to the sweet moments that the staff and community at Parklands are creating together.