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Tesco Community Champion Honours Women’s History with Flower Arranging Session in Rutherglen

13 March 2024

In a heartfelt tribute to Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, Tesco’s community champion Rachel brought a burst of color and camaraderie to Rutherglen this morning with a special flower arranging session.

The gathering saw a group of ladies come together to explore their creativity as they selected and arranged a variety of flowers into beautiful bouquets, destined to brighten homes and hearts alike. Amidst the delicate blooms, conversations turned to reflections on the evolving role of women, particularly in the workplace, spanning across generations.

As hands deftly clipped stems and arranged petals, tales were shared of bygone eras when societal norms placed constraints on women’s employment opportunities. Memories were exchanged of a time when workplaces barred married women from employment, highlighting the remarkable strides made in gender equality over the years.

Josephine Pelosi, a spirited 90-year-old attendee, reminisced about her own journey, revealing, “I worked in an office but didn’t like it. I then worked in my mum and dad’s chip shop and much preferred this.” Her candid recollection offered a glimpse into a time when women navigated career choices with resilience and resourcefulness, finding fulfillment beyond conventional roles.

Amidst laughter and nostalgia, the session served as a poignant reminder of the resilience and achievements of women throughout history. Rachel’s thoughtful initiative not only celebrated the creativity and camaraderie within the community but also honoured the contributions of women past and present, weaving together stories of strength, determination, and the enduring power of sisterhood.