West Ridings Launch Christmas Shoebox Gift Initiative For Residents

13 December 2021

West Ridings Launch Christmas Shoebox Gift Initiative For Residents

The Wakefield community has rallied around a gift initiative launched by West Ridings to ensure Residents without families get a Christmas present this year.

Home Manager Stuart Tyrer took to Facebook to ask for present donations as part of a shoebox appeal for Residents who won’t get any visitors this festive season.

The Home wants to ensure that each and every Resident feels special on Christmas Day as some don’t have family and friends who can come to see them.

Activities Co-ordinator Jo Dawson said that thanks to the big-hearted Wakefield community, there are already gifts piling up under the West Ridings Christmas tree.

Jo said: “We are incredibly lucky that there are so many kind and generous people willing to support our shoebox appeal this year.

“Ever since I posted on Facebook asking for gift donations, we’ve been sent lots of shoeboxes full of gifts for the Residents.

“These acts of kindness will go a long way to spread the Christmas spirit around West Ridings, and it’ll mean the world to our Residents.”

According to Jo, shoebox donations have been brought in by Relatives, Leeds Council and local families.

The team are busy wrapping the shoeboxes up and building the pile of sparkling pressies.

Jo said: “We’re very touched by how many people want to help with our shoebox appeal.

“To be able to see the Residents’ faces lit up with excitement when they realise that they’re getting a gift they didn’t expect will be magical.

“It’s going to make our Christmas extra special for all Residents.”