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West Ridings Embraces Festive Spirit for a Cause: Elf Day Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society

19 December 2023

On the 6th of December, the West Ridings community rallied together for a heartwarming Elf Day, dedicated to raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. The day was not only filled with festive cheer but also marked by the generous spirit of staff, residents, and their families.

Staff members eagerly embraced the holiday season by contributing £1 each to participate in Elf Day, adorning Christmas tops that added a splash of festive colour throughout West Ridings. The collective effort to infuse the workplace with holiday spirit set the tone for a day of joy and giving.


Adding an element of friendly competition to the festivities, a football card was introduced. Staff, residents, and families eagerly paid £2 each to choose a team from the 40 available options. The winning team, concealed beneath a scratch-off strip, revealed a delighted Darren, West Ridings’ head housekeeper, as the fortunate winner of a £40 prize. Equally significant, another £40 was donated to the Alzheimer’s Society, making the football card activity a dual success.


Darren expressed his joy at winning, reflecting the positive energy that permeated the Elf Day activities. The engagement of staff, residents, and families in the football card event not only added a layer of excitement but also contributed significantly to the funds raised for the Alzheimer’s Society.

In the spirit of creativity, the West Ridings Activities Coordinator, Jo, crafted Lindor reindeers to hang from the Christmas tree. These charming handmade decorations proved to be a hit, with over 50 sold to enthusiastic supporters, further bolstering the fundraising efforts.


In total, the West Ridings community demonstrated incredible generosity and camaraderie, raising an impressive £89 for the Alzheimer’s Society. The success of Elf Day showcased the power of collective action, and the heartfelt contributions from everyone involved contributed to the overall impact of the charitable endeavour.

West Ridings Activity Coordinator commended the community’s efforts, stating, “Well done to everyone who joined in to raise money for a great cause. The collective support reflects our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s, and we are proud of the community spirit that made this fundraiser a success.”