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Woodstock Care Home Hosts Heartwarming Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

13 March 2024

Woodstock Care Home opened its doors to warmth and joy as they hosted a complimentary afternoon tea to celebrate Mother’s Day, welcoming six families to cherish special moments with their beloved mothers.

Amidst the cozy ambiance, families gathered around tables adorned with teapots and delicate china, savoring the aromas of freshly brewed tea and coffee. The tantalizing spread featured an array of delectable treats, including scones adorned with strawberries and cream, cupcakes, vanilla rolls, and slices of sumptuous Victoria sponge, eliciting smiles of delight from guests of all ages.

Clare Tillbroke, visibly moved by the thoughtful arrangements, expressed her gratitude, remarking, “What a lovely afternoon to arrange, they were beautiful! Thank you.” Jan Howman echoed the sentiment, sharing, “We all had a really nice time, the cakes were lovely. Thank you to Naomi and all the staff; mum really enjoyed it and so did we.”

Jenny Williams joined in praising the heartfelt efforts of Naomi and the dedicated staff, reflecting on the afternoon’s warmth and charm, stating, “It was a lovely afternoon, and thank you so much to Naomi and staff who made it special. Mum loved it.”

As laughter and conversation filled the air, the bonds of love and appreciation were palpable, underscoring the significance of celebrating the maternal figures who enrich our lives with love and wisdom. Woodstock Care Home’s gesture of hospitality not only provided an opportunity for families to come together but also reaffirmed the importance of cherishing and honouring the invaluable role of mothers.

Amidst the clinking of teacups and the sweetness of shared desserts, Woodstock Care Home created a memorable occasion that resonated with warmth, gratitude, and love, a fitting tribute to the remarkable mothers whose presence lights up our lives.